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Dejvy Krédl – I don’t differentiate bands by size. Every request can be fulfilled if submitted in a decent form. I will live from the atmosphere of Symbolic all winter!

Symbolic team

What was this year’s SYMBOLIC OPEN AIR FEST? True, a few months have passed since the event, but considering this conversation… it is beneficial. Dejvy Krédl had at least a distance and time to look at some of the things that, in my opinion, are worth of analysing. Anyway, I just think, Is there […]

We don’t sleep, we are looking for…

Symbolic z pódia Benediction

Looks like the summer pulled the snuffy snorkel and began waving to all directions ( free translation: „ adieu groundsheet, adieu tent and gnats, adieu festivals“). It was really busy time this year. Actually, there haven’t been a weekend since May, when I wouldn’t meet any of you at some event. ORTHODOX, […]