For visitors

Arrival to the areal

  • In Topolná the way is properly highlighted, so it is enough to follow signs of SYMBOLIC.
  • Follow the instructions of the organizers!


  • For the parking, please use the large parking in front of the areal (before entering and next to the camping place).
  • Don’t park at the designated entrance to the areal (access roads for bands and organizers).

First steps in areal

  • Don’t include any alcoholic beverages on the premises. We have enough.
  • At the entrance you will get a festival bracelet. You must have it throughout the festival. In case of loss or destroy of the bracelet, find one of the organizers to solve the issue.
  • We can check your luggage you are entering with.
  • At the entrance you take a brochure with all information about the festival (map of areal, program..etc.)
  • There is no way to pay in the festival area other than using chips. You will buy chips after you enter the areal. Chips already purchased are not redeemed!


  • Camping is allowed only in reserved places.
  • Camping in the areal is forbidden.

Excerpt from the operating rules

  • Observe safety when moving around the festival areal. For the injuries and injuries caused by the attendant by their own carelessness and non-observance of the organizer’s instructions, the organizer of the action is not responsible.
  • Minors are responsible for their legal guardians, or persons exercising over minors supervision.
  • Camping is allowed only in dedicated and marked place. The organizers are not responsible for the deferred things in the camp.
  • Dispose of wastes only in trash bins. Depositing garbage outside these containers is a gross violation of the order.
  • To use hygienic needs, use only the specified equipment.
  • Parking is possible only at a dedicated location. Otherwise, please, don’t park.
  • The shooting is possible only with mobile phones and pocket compact cameras. It is forbidden to bring tape recorders, camcorders or other devices to record image or sound. Making sound, movie or video recordings is strictly forbidden, even for private use.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics and toxic substances or other dangerous objects.The visitor with whom such items will be found will be ordered out from the premises without any refund.
  • The area is forbidden to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  • There is a medical and security guard in the area. Contact them in case of emergency or contact someone from organizers. They are dressed in orange t-shirts with the logo of the festival.

When moving around the area, especially in the camping place, be careful. Any suspicious behavior of people moving here, please inform the organizers or the security service.