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Exactly five news before the fest…

In exactly one week, the fourth edition of SYMBOLIC festival starts. Needless to say, nervousness is already off the scale. Three years of fasting are finally coming to an end… and we can start anew. Here’s a summary of the most important information you’re asking about, or that we’d like to share with you.

1. Tickets purchased in 2019 are, of course, valid. If you own a ticket for the 2020 edition, you will be allowed into the venue WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM without paying the amount up to the current ticket value.

2. We will also have one-day tickets. Like every year, you will be able to go to our festival on the last day, Saturday (the price will be under a thousand CZK).

3. Last info about tickets. Pre-sale ends on Sunday (26.06.2022) evening. After that, it will be possible to buy tickets only on place, at the festival entrance gate from Tuesday evening, when we will also welcome the first “thirsty” fans to enjoy the last “calm before the storm”.

4. We have payment terminals. We wanted them VERY badly, so we made it happen. We are announcing the END of looking for ATMs around the area, the END of borrowing money from friends, the END of “debt” with us. From now on, you will be able to pay with your card at the gate as well as in the coupons tent and merchandise tent (uffffff -you don’t have to bring big cash).

5. And finally, one small (yet essential) “treat” today. The fleet of SYMBOLIC cups has grown by another (two) additions. For now, we’ll reveal one of them … the other one we’ll keep for later! … hopefully you’ll enjoy these beauties…

Thanks for your attention … and see you soon


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