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„Inspection mission“ to Topolná = boundless enthusiasm.

In just a few weeks the SYMBOLIC gates will open for all fans of the global extreme music scene. It will happen exactly on Wednesday, June 29th, just after noon. It gives you shivers when you realise that it’s actually a month away.

The “big”SYMBOLIC did not take place for two years, and so we are all full of expectations, because we actually dreamed up the Topolná venue and were very happy to announce it in 2019. We didn’t know what to expect from the move from Tři Dvory (our previous SYMBOLIC venue). That uncertainty lasted for two years – but in a few days it will be clear HOW we and you will feel there.

However, we are already sure that this is a step in the right direction. The area has been transformed almost beyond recognition during the Covid pandemic. I have never seen such comfort that the venue offers at any festival I have visited (and I am not exaggerating). Two stages (outdoor and indoor), brand new toilets, showers (where festival-goers will be the first ever to shower), luxurious bars, an incredibly charming chill out in the form of cool wine cellars, a kitchen and spacious dining room, a large parking lot and the possibility of camping in the festival area (which hopefully eliminates the thieving mischief). This and MUCH more awaits all who choose to visit this year’s “big” SYMBOLIC.

You can probably feel that I’m really excited. I firmly believe that you will be too … to give you an idea of what I am talking about here, here are some actual photos.

Thanks for your attention … and I’ll be back with more news in a few days.


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