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John Walker: Symbolic is an amazing festival, with people full of enthusiasm and ideas. This is exactly what the scene needs, new festivals, new projects, new ideas…

Liquid Graveyard

If the world had essentially stopped for two years thanks to covid (at least the cultural one), the conversation I had with the leader of the legendary CANCER in 2019 would be a pleasant memory. Thanks to the circumstances described above, however, those “5 Questions for the Headliner” are still relevant. Yes, LIQUID GRAVEYARD is one of the bands that has remained in our line-up since the unannounced 2020 edition. So let’s recall the mood of the world back then with the level of enthusiasm there:  

We advise it all the time and I think it is clearly visible in our work. Our primary goal is to bring bands we love to the Czech Republic, to our country, but at the same time bands that have long time been ignored by other domestic festivals. We were, we are and we will ALWAYS be mostly fans. Eager fans who want to see their heroes on stage. The reward for us is when it happens on OUR, SYMBOLIC stage. Next year we plan to bring names to the Czech Republic that the Czech fan’s eye could not see at home yet. At the end of the year we are starting a series of short interviews with our headliners. Spain / English band LIQUID GRAVEYARD will be the first to introduce.

LIQUID GRAVEYARD, for many domestic fans basically unknown name. Still, you would hardly be looking for a Death Metal listener who wouldn’t know the work of one of the former or current members. At least three names associated with LIQUID GRAVEYARD inspire admiration: yours (John Walker / CANCER), Nicholas Barker (CARDLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BRUJERIA, LOCK UP … etc.) and Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, BRUJERIA, LOCK UP, MEATHOOK SEED … etc.).

Liquid Graveyard logo

John, can you introduce you a bit – is it a project or a regular band? What line-up is actually going to perform at SYMBOLIC festival in the summer …etc.
Hello! This is John Walker. LIQUID GRAVEYARD is a metal band that started in 2007 although we didn’t record our fist demo until a year later. This demo got us signed and since then we’ve released 3 albums so far. At Stonehenge Metalfest in the Netherlands in 2013, LIQUID GRAVEYARD played with LOCK-UP, among many other bands. We met up with our mates Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, LOCK-UP, VENOMUS CONCEPT, BRUJERIA) and Nick Barker  (ex DIMMU BORGIR, ex CRADLE OF FILTH, LOCK-UP, TESTAMENT, BRUJERIA…), we talked a lot and Raquel and I decided to recruit them for our following album.  So a year later we entered the studio and recorded By Nature So Perverse which was released in 2015 on Sleaszy Rider/Season of Mist records. We’re very pleased with this album and we got excellent reviews. Ever since that moment Nick has been playing with us regularly in festivals over Europe, every time he’s available, since he does many other bands. Shane’s so very busy it’s really more difficult to count on him on live shows. We always have amazing musicians playing with us anyway. We can count on Arjan Van Der Wijst (ex AVULSED) on drums, and Dani Maganto (ETERNAL STORM) on bass, very good friend and nice people. We’ll see.

There is one particular phenomenon in the line-up. Yes, I know everybody asks you about it … but there aren’t many bands where married couples play together. Singer Raquel is your wife (that’s no secret). What is it like to be “supervised” even at concerts? Do you handle band stuff at home “at dinner”?
Hahahahaha well every time we play together, Raquel just makes sure I eat well!! That’s her main concern hahaha. I don’t need much supervision cause I don’t drink!! It’s funny you mention this because Raquel and I actually met at a festival, she was singing in a band and I was touring with CANCER in Spain and Portugal. We’re very much used to being together at shows, actually. At home we talk about stuff, especially when I’m writing new material or we have to rehearse. But we aren’t talking about metal all the time, at all.

As far as I know, you have never played in our country before. You visited our country with CANCER last year. How did you enjoy playing at SYMBOLIC? I know, we started, we learned, the festival definitely didn’t show signs of full professionalism – yet, what feelings did you leave us with? I was, for example. extremely honoured that you choose our location for promo photos for your latest album “Shadow Gripped”.
Symbolic is an amazing festival, with people full of enthusiasm and ideas. This is exactly what the scene needs, new festivals, new projects, new ideas…I really enjoyed playing with Cancer last year, so when Liquid Graveyard was offered a slot, I didn’t hesitate!!!

As a LIQUID GRAVEYARD, you have three records. Honestly, the distribution of your media is not so dizzying in the Czech Republic (I could rather say that your records are not available here at all), what can we expect from your performance? A cross-section of previous work or you will focus more on new material?
We focus on our latest material, the album “By Nature So Perverse”, recorded by Shane, Nick, Raquel and me.  We enjoy playing it live and it works really well for us. It’s a death metal album with our personal LIQUID GRAVEYARD sound. Growls, no clean vocals, coming from Raquel who’s an amazing death metal singer.

Question at the end – Are you still a metal fan? As SYMBOLIC, we try to bring bands to the Czech Republic that have not performed  here yet or perform really sporadically (I could describe by one world about the frequency of such BRUTALITY and their performances throughout Europe in the context of the last three decades). For sure you saw our poster, is there in the line-up some band whose performance you will definitely not miss and you will enjoy them as fan under the podium?
Yes I am a metal fan, and hopefully I wouldn’t like to miss any of the bands at the fest! I can’t pick just one band, there are too many I think are incredible: BRUTALITY, DEMONICAL, HECATE ENTHRONED, ARTILLERY, BURIAL REMAINS, CONVULSE, WOMBBATH, ELECTROCUTION, MYSTIFIER,…but I’ll definitely pay attention to other bands that I’m sure are just as good and still not so well known. There’s a lot of talent out there.

Thanks for the interview and see you at SYMBOLIC this summer.

You’re welcome! I’m looking forward to it!!! Cheers.

John Walker


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