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End of summer without SYMBOLIC? NO WAY!

Back to the Symbolic 2022

Although years ago „BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC“ started its journey as a “small” birthday party of five people from the festival team, joined by a few true fans who simply missed the natural swimming pool area and wanted to return there again for a while, today we can say with a calm conscience that the “small” SYMBOLIC has “grown up a bit” over the past three years. Last year, we sold out 250 tickets in a few days – we added 50pcs on top and they sold out again, added another 50pcs and the situation repeated itself. In the end it was a “full house” and we were incredibly happy. So THIS YEAR we are offering 350 tickets for sale and we will keep some 50pcs on door, just in case.

„BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC“ is back after a year … and with the strongest possible line-up. When I look at the line-up, I really have to bow to Martin and Duzl for not sending me to hell with my ideas, but being able to implement them to a successful conclusion. I already know it’s going to be a party again… a party that we’ll be drawing energy from all fall and winter. Hopefully you are in the same boat, and will join us at the end of August to create the atmosphere we deserve in the beautiful Tři Dvory natural swimming area, which we love so much.

So today ONLY info that „BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC“ will be in again in Tři Dvory. We’ll be releasing pre-sale tickets soon, also provide more info soon. But for now, we want to focus on the challenges that are associated with the “big” SYMBOLIC – the one that will start in Topolná near Uherské Hradiště in a few weeks and that we are really looking forward to after the two-year forced break.


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