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The final line-up is out now! Help us spread the posters!

Symbolic Open Air 2022

Dear friends…

We would like to ask for help with the promotion of our / your festival… maybe YOU!

Do you have the ability to put on/post our posters? Do you go to concerts, do you own a restaurant (or do you just work in it, or like us, sit in it into the night), are you a member of an ornithology club or a „school bulletin board artist“? Do you go to karate classes? Is a doctor a friend of yours (feel free to make it pretty in the urology waiting room), do you rehearse in public exam rooms, is your mom a butcher, does your uncle work in a stationery store, or do you know of any areas WHERE our poster would look great and could stay there for a while?

Please contact me by email, and I will send you the number of posters you request.


Help us make SYMBOLIC known to the fans, who might be interested. Help us build a festival we will all be proud of.

Thank you, DEJVY

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