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Symbolic ticket 2022

The most common question you ask us (and which actually resonates throughout the scene) is “will there be any major cultural event next year”? “Will the restrictions be so extensive that festivals will lose visitors and bands will lose the opportunity to perform at all”?

Our answer is the same as everyone in the industry, so we “believe / hope”. In fact, we have nothing else to do. Like almost every judicial person, we long for everything to return to normal, and the world is once again moving in the direction we knew by 2020. Despite all the hardships, however, there is a “way to go” path, which is the sale of online tickets.

We are not planning physical tickets to the festival for one simple / necessary reason. If we were to sell physical tickets and had to cancel the festival due to government regulations, it would be really difficult to trace everyone who bought the ticket. It would be really logistically difficult to return money to all visitors.

THAT’S WHY (as in the case of last year’s BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC) we decided to sell ONLY ONLINE tickets. Should we be forced to cancel the festival, we will be able to refund the amounts we received from you for the purchase of tickets within a few minutes. So you can’t lose your money. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid to buy a ticket for SYMBOLIC 2022 (as well as for BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC 2022) as a gift, or just secure it for yourself in advance.

Thank you for the support you give us … it wouldn’t be possible without you.


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