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Welcome to the „SYMBOLIC world“ of 2022!

Symbolic Open Air 2022

We are honoured to present you an almost complete line-up for the next year of SYMBOLIC OPEN AIR. At first glance, it is clear that there have been several changes compared to the 2020 edition, which did not take place. It is logical. The main headliner (BRUTALITY) break-up, the second headliner (ARTILLERY) played at BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC this year, so we had to look for other unfulfilled dreams … and this time we didn’t really set the limits. Our priority goal is to fulfill dreams … and we will NOT give up even in this uncertain time. That’s what SYMBOLIC is for us … it reflects our efforts and our work.

Friends, CANDLEMASS – what to say about this legend, which has been playing with small breaks since 1982? In fact, next year they will celebrate 40 years on scene with you on our stage. That’s unbelievable!!!!!!! These are the moments that force us to go further and do not slow down in our efforts.

SINISTER? I can’t even describe what it means for me to welcome them to our festival. The records “Cross the Styx”, “Diabolical Summoning” or “Hate” shaped my musical taste … in addition you can see bands as CONVULSE, WOMBBATH, MASTER who are returning with a new American line-up after a few years. There is so much and believe it, we were very careful even in the selection of “smaller” foreign bands. You will be very pleasantly surprised by their qualities and we guarantee you that.

On top – the festival area – we are literally excited about what was created in Topolná during the Covid times. Large parking lot, two amazing camping towns (one even in the festival grounds). In addition, new bars, showers, toilets … the „Bůrovce areal“ is simply a perfectly representative place for an event, which will bring together so many open minded people like YOU, our fans.

It is not our intention to get „as many people as possible“ into the premises. This has NEVER been, is NOT and will NEVER be our goal and that is why we have decided to limit our capacity to only 1000 people. CANDLEMASS has not played for such a chamber audience for a long time and we want to give you this experience. So do you want to experience something you will not forget? Then don’t hesitate to buy tickets!

We will reveal more information about the organization, etc. next time, now we just want to enjoy the intoxicating feeling that the festival will take place and that it will be exceptional again. We just took a breath, so don’t leave us alone.


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