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Back to the Symbolic 21

As I indicated a few months ago in a novelty concerning pre-sale, we decided to open the complex for 250 “visitors” this year for a “smaller” version of SYMBOLIC. We had several reasons for this step – the most important thing is your comfort. If I counted the pre-sale numbers, we’d have to raise our hands and shout “SOLD OUT” … but … that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get to BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC. From the beginning of the pre-sale, we honestly hid the tickets, although ordered, but unpaid or cancelled. Believe me or not – but some 15 of them came back to us this way, SO?

SO we are releasing this number of tickets for sale. Not more. I am writing this appeal mainly for those who would like to buy tickets on the place. I am already saying that there will be no tickets “at the gate”. Please keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Thank you for your understanding!

That would be the first news – others will follow: we are expanding the kitchen, which means that you can look forward to dishes that we could not prepare before for technical reasons. We are expanding beer bars – there will be two, so no queues. Also we have to announce one change in the line-up. I expected it to happen (I am surprised that there is only one so far) unfortunately concerns the English DECREPID. I was really looking forward to this band and actually prayed for it in a way … unfortunately due to pandemic relations between England and the Czech Republic we are removing the band from the line-up (but we are moving them to 2022) and replacing them by the German Old School band – CRYPTIC BROOD. We wanted an adequate replacement, and I think that Duzl (who got this task) succeeded perfectly.

Friends, that would be all for today … it’s knocking on our door, SO if you don’t have a ticket yet, fix it immediately and those who have tickets, stay healthy, let us all meet in good health at the end of the holidays, I’m looking forward to seeing you


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