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It’s complete… we are revealing the complete line-up of the August BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC FEST 2021!!!

Back to the Symbolic 2021

…. and yes, I can say “that line-up hides many surprises”. The biggest is probably first live performance of the band SYMBTOMY. Top on in kind of “All Star” line-up. After six years, Jaroslav Šantrůček (IMPERIAL FOETICIDE, ex-DESPISE, ex-HEAVING EARTH) returns to the stage, for Duzl it will be the first performance in her life, Štěpán will sit behind the drums (POPPY SEED GRINDER, ex-DESPISE) and the rest will be made up by the two of us with Martin (SECTESY). There really isn’t much time to rehearse the material, but we will try to make it work so we don’t have to be ashamed of those 20 minutes in front of you for another 20 years.

As for the rest of the “starting field”, I’m proud that we managed to get such great bands. It sounds like a cliche, but “you have something to look forward to”.

The good news for us (not so good for hesitant fans) is – we already sold 70% tickets. Yes … 70%. We estimate that BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC may be sold out before the summer. Therefore, please do not hesitate to buy your ticket. We really do not plan to increase capacity. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible at the end of the summer in Tři Dvory near Kolín, and this is one of the ways to achieve this.

Thanks for your attention – more info coming soon, stay tuned…


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