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We are starting tickets pre-sale for BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC 2021!

Back to the Symbolic 2021

Yes, there is no reason to wait and think about the scenario of what it will look like here in the summer. We wouldn’t invent anything anyway. So I keep my promise, and hereby announce the start of advance ticket sales for our traditional “second” summer event, called BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC.

As I mentioned in the last news (link here: Hope dies last), we decided to make BACK more attractive. We didn’t change anything else. The date still remains at the end of the holidays (August 27-28, 2021), the venue is the same – a natural swimming pool in Tři Dvory near Kolín, the event is still two days long. ONLY we started to improve the line-up (in terms of the size of the names). I believe you won’t mind this. So here we go…

E-tickets in our e-shop!

We have a date, we have a place, we have headliners, it’s time to announce the price. You can buy strictly limited tickets for 550 CZK / 22 EUR. We really want to build an event where you will feel comfortable. No queues, no squeezing … with the opportunity to sit comfortably. That’s why we decided to “make” the BACK event for a strict 250 visitors. We will not increase capacity or otherwise speculate with tickets. Nothing like that. Last year we verified that this suits us, so we intend to continue to stick to it.

On top, we plan to expand the kitchen (especially the range of food), we will also add an extra bar and you can look forward to more tables and benches. We just want to make it nice and comfortable for all of us.

The last important information concerns the return of tickets in case the festival could not take place due to government regulations. It’s really easy – ticket money will be refunded immediately in full. You will not have to request a refund – As soon as we are forced to cancel the festival, we will immediately send everything back to you.

That’s all for now.


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