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Hope dies last…

Back to the Symbolic 2021

… so we’ll see. For myself (and in fact for all of us / except for the eternally doubting Petřín ), I can say that we believe.

We believe that the situation will calm down and we will see you all in the summer. I will comment on “SUMMERBOLIC” (our new event) next time in a separate news. Now is the time to wake up to life „BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC 2021“. It is clear from the poster that we want to make the event more attractive. There will be no “classic” SYMBOLIC this year, so we started negotiations with foreign bands at least about their participation in the “small” SYMBOLIC. I would NEVER think that at the birthday party (which we originally wanted to say just goodbye to summer in the area of Tři Dvory), the greatness of the genre like ARTILLERY will play. And not only them – believe that there are many plans and even if some do not work out, others will.

So far, the term of event and headliner is clear,… and also information about the number of visitors. About 300 of you met last year and it was an incredible party. No queues formed,( well not neverending and annoying ones) and the atmosphere was intimate, yet the area was pleasantly full, and especially in the evening was amazing to enjoy the „special vibes in the air“. WE WANT to repeat it, that’s why we said that 250 visitors + bands + crew + guests+ celebrants are just enough. We believe that you will want to enjoy it as much as we do, so you will understand our decision.

All informations about tickets, price, etc.  we will announce when we will know more (you do not have to be afraid of the ticket purchase – if the event cannot take place due to government regulations, we will return it to your accounts immediately).

That’s all I’d like to tell you for now. We just simply don’t want to walk with our heads down, aimless and in apathy. We believe that you feel it in the same way and want also resist – „BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC“ could be a step towards trying to rebuild own dreams and wishes.


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