Symbolic 2020 is postponed…

Symbolic postponed


I know that a lot of you are waiting for this “news”. In fact, even the whole SYMBOLIC team, who until now perhaps wanted to believe that the effort they had to put to our dream would not be in vain. Let‘s be realists, my friends…

I will not disguise disappointment, concerns nor fear. Disappointment that we have to postpone the materialization of our dreams for the next year, concerns about the health of our loved ones and about you – our fans and also fear about where the world (and not just the music and entertainment) will move after this epidemic.

The organization of the edition 2020 cost us (the whole SYMBOLIC team) a lot of effort.

Over the past few months, we have gone through several stages of mental states: Euphoria, which came after the edition 2019. Concerns that were reflected in the termination of cooperation with the owner of the premises in Tři Dvory near Kolín. Despair, while traveling across the country in an attempt to find a new SYMBOLIC venue… then relief immediately after the vote of the village council of Topolná. We had a desired venue, unfortunately … just for a while.

None of us is responsible for the situation that is happening right now, none of us wanted it, and unfortunately no one can predict when everything will return to „normal“.

We know one thing: we postpone 2020 for an indefinite period. Nowadays I find it inappropriate to promise to “see you in a year”. YES, circumstances suggest that. We are dealing with bands, we want to keep line-up (BRUTALITY agrees to postpone for a year and other bands are joining), but who knows what will be in a week, month or more then year.

SYMBOLIC does not stop – we still have dreams and we still want to fulfill those dreams.

But let’s be practical now. The question is “what to do with already purchased tickets”? There are two options – a refund or keeping tickets for next year. It’s up to you how you decide. We know that either way it will cost us quite a bit of money, but that’s just business, and we were very aware of the risks involved in organizing the festival. In the meantime, think about it, we’ll get back to you with specific solutions soon.

You also ask “whether there will be at least a modified version of SYMBOLIC with Czech bands”. We don’t know, it’s really early to say YES or NO. We definitely do not want to expose you to any danger that would affect your health. We simply don‘t want to risk anything, but we’re still thinking about BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC in Tři Dvory.

We will soon be wiser. Thanks for your attention and I hope to see you soon. Take care of yourself …


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