Daniel da Silva, Incarceration: Be proud of your country, your people and your scene!


The fastest, dirtiest, craziest, most brutal old school death metal, even by these words some people describe a band whose singer and guitarist Daniel will be now tormented a little bit by classic 5 questions…

You don’t know who he is? … so let’s go on a timeline somewhere by 2010 to the Amazon forests of a country that most of us remember especially in the morning when we make coffee. Originally it was a one-man project, but when Daniel left Brazil and docked in a port called Hamburg, the one-man line-up was extended by Michael Koch (drums) and Björn Frees (bass) and INCARCERATION was born. But… let’s go on our imaginary timeline to the present and find out that now everything is different in terms of lineup…. and how? Let’s just ask…

Hi Daniel, let’s start by explaining some of the gossip and rumors that are whispering about your current lineup, they say that you drafted someone from Brazilian band VIOLATOR, what is the truth on this and how it happened? Who currently makes up the INCARCERATION lineup, with whom you will perform at Symbolic? Is this a temporary or permanent change in the lineup?
Daniel da Silva: It’s true, INCARCERATION now is a quartet and we count with Capaça from VIOLATOR and Alex Obscured from SPEEDWHORE. Capaça is a longtime friend, since 2007 we’ve toured together several times as I’m booking agent of VIOLATOR and often their tour manager as well. Capaça moved recently to Dublin, so when we’ve thought about having more musicians, it happened naturally to have him with us. 

Your live performances have always been an incredible ride despite the chamber line-up and the amount of energy that emits from you on stage is incredible. Where the energy arises from, within you? I honestly can’t even imagine this energy multiplied by VIOLATOR members, I think this will be a total massacre! What are you planning for us at Symbolic, apart that you probably knocking down the podium? :))
INCARCERATION is about to healing our cursed souls emanating our strongest feelings through our extreme music. Existence is a prison but through our art we can set us free. It only works, if done in it’s full intensity. And yes, the new line-up it’s exactly about making it even more intensive!

We’ve known each other for a few years, so I know that the Czech Republic is your “heartfelt affair”. But try to those who do not know you just briefly describe how it happened that Czech Republic became one of your favorite countries and why you like this country so much? What do you think about the local metal scene?
Czech Republic rules. Be proud of your country, your people and your scene, I have big admiration for it all. It’s the only country I’ve been visiting every year since my first time there. The metal scene is so obsessed with extreme music, and people have such an open minded and authentic way to enjoy it. For those who never have been there, do yourself a favor and change it urgently. Come visit a festival such as Symbolic Open Air, Obscene Extreme or Brutal Assault. And make sure to give yourself good doses of Absinth Lemonade!

You are quite active on the scene, not only because you are playing in a band, but you are also a booking agent and tour manager, so the scene basically „feeds you“ (wish we all could say that :)) Break through in this business is not easy at all and you have to work hard, but you’ve certainly come across a lot of myths that people have connected with this profession, so what if you refute at least a few of myths now?
Everyone has those hard times when we are teenagers and struggle with the weight of existence. When it happened with me, metal helped me a lot. So my passion and love for metal grew immensely, it felt I didn’t needed nothing else but metal to cope with life. So I always tried to express my gratitude and help as many bands as possible, venues, labels, festivals etc in every way I could. So metal can always be there for those who need it. With time more and more bands needed my help and when I realized I was fully immersed in the international scene booking tours all around the world for all kinds of bands. Now I have organized more than 60 entire tours, and have visited almost 50 countries traveling with bands. But the spirit is the same as in the beginning: to support this culture and keep metal alive. Regarding myths, they don’t reflects the truth, only a shadow of it. Instead of looking to shadow, follow your metal hearts and discover the truth by yourself. Nothing is impossible as soon as you have will enough to make it happen. And if someone ever tell you that you can’t do something – get them out of your life. In other words they are simply saying you’re not strong enough – but you are!  

On the end, let’s be a little bit philosophical … what do you think resonates in people when some song becomes a mega-hit? And what is a reason that there is no „universal key“ how to write a mega-hit in any music genre, especially in metal?
This question has no right answer – it’s like trying to teach how to make one feel in love for you. But what I can say about it, is that it’s very much related to how one feels while experiencing a song, and the whole imaginary behind the artist – on that certain moment in time. When mankind was hopeless, came a band with convicted positive messages of hope, and changed the history of music and rock forever. When mankind was getting bored with flower power came another band spreading darkness and made an everlasting impact as well. There’s no universal key and how this phenomenon happens keep changing just as time does. But it’s very related to understanding the needs of a culture on a certain moment, and delivering a messages and vibes that speaks with it.

Thanks for the interview Daniel, see you at Symbolic Open Air in July!
My pleasure Dasa – see you there!

Dáša “Duzl”

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