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Stepping out the right way

Yes, that is exactly how we perceive the movement of the SYMBOLIC festival to the area of “Bůrovce” in the Topolná near Uherské Hradiště. It is only a few days since we have visited the premises again to just confirm what we are already convinced – that all of us will feel there more then comfortable.

The  area of Tři Dvory had its charm. For us of course even a lot of advantages, because we had it basically “behind the house”, but Topolná it is “a completely different level”. Thanks to this area we feel that we are growing up, that we are moving and leaving the boundaries of the “birthday celebration” and go closer to what we would like to do and we can call it “festival organization”.

We want a dignified background for bands and fans. At least even for crew who prepare the festival for you (and it is not just a few people).

The „inspection trip“ we made this Sunday with our electrician team outlined many. We are REALLY happy that “everything goes according to plan”, the plan we set out. FINALLY we can guarantee to our visitors something, what hasn‘t been possible in the previous premises in Tři Dvory. For example:

  1. The possibility of normal dining! There will be a kitchen with facilities that we have been just dreaming about during the first three years and FOR YOU will be there dining room with tables, chairs and if you want even with tablecloths :-). Simply cleanliness / comfort and more then standard service.
  2. No more TOI-TOI! Yes, there will be enough toilets available for visitors on two floors. The ground floor of the toilets will be BRAND NEW !!!!!!! This is what we wanted to achieve and we went for it. We know that this service should be a standard and WE WANT to offer you this standard. On top a service will be provided to keep the toilets in the way everyone wants have them throughout the festival.
  3. Normal showers! Another servise that simply has to be provide at the festival. So far we have been using mobile showers in all previous years – with 2020 this ENDS! Like the toilets, the showers will be NEW and fully prepared for your hygiene.
  4. TWO STAGES! FINALLY, I can say ” We don‘t have to be worry about the adverse weather” !!! Since the year 2020 there is the possibility of operatively responding to what is happening outside by moving production to two identical stages. Yes, one inside and one outside.
  5. Plenty of  bars! There are 5 of them. No more queues, no more “half-cold” soft drinks. Also we are preparing a VIP bar with incredibly stylish “chill out cellars”, which will be (especially in the hot weather ) more than pleasant.

On top to all this – guarded parking, two camping areas, happily solved terrain around the main stage, which thanks to the slope offers a view of playing artists even in your relaxed position and even the possibility of swimming in the natural lake nearby makes us truly happy and fills us by feeling that Topolná is the best what we (and hopefully even you ) can have.

We are proud to be SYMBOLIC and I firmly believe that you will be proud with us.


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