Myers: It’s amazing to have the opprtunity to support bands, after being accompanied by their records for such a long time, I enjoy that a lot.

Dawn of Obliteration

There’s a lot to be said about the German metal scene, even if we focused just to death metal, it would still be a very extensive topic, but let’s specify it a bit more and look at the far-away side of Germany to Hamburg, from where two prominent representatives of the underground scene will come to the SYMBOLIC!

There are a lot of bands playing or trying to play old school death metal, but just about few of them I can say   “this is exactly what it should looks like”… one of those exceptions is DAWN OF OBLITERATION (a band composed of MORBITORY, CHAOSFRONT, DEVASTATOR, KEIN HASS DA  members), who released their second EP “Ruins” in 2019 and by this album they destroyed quite stagnant „death metal waters“. That make me even more pleased that they agreed to load a few more beers with their instruments to the van and make a road trip in July to Topolná in Moravia to show us “what is true death metal “. So they can‘t avoid our five questions, so let’s go straight to it…

Hi Myers! Let‘s start with a simple question,… well, maybe we could say rather such a „verbal task „… I know that you are big lovers of Czech beer and beer in general and it is not the closest destination by car from Hamburg, so do you already know or can you estimate how big will be beer consumption on the way Hamburg -Topolná ? :)))
Ahoi Dasa, Ha ha! Yeah, we love czech beer and some of us also love going over the limit once in while. I especially like Pilsner Urquell, in Germany you can buy it in bottles, but it tastes best as a draught beer. I also love the unfiltered bottled Staropramen, I’m always looking out for it, when we come to Czech Republic. I haven’t been successful til now, so I hope to find it, when we come to Symbolic. Ha ha and to talk about beer drinking on our way to the festival, well it will be a long time travelling and we have an old-school consumption. But as we will come from three different directions, it might take place that everyone has to drive on his own. In that case, booooring, but then we will catch up immediately, when we arrive.

You recently played in Hamburg alongside BENEDICTION, who were still headed by David Hunt one of the headliners at Symbolic last year’s and I think they made totaly unforgettable show for the fans and unforgettable hangover for them. So I would like to ask which of the upcoming bands is the “heart thing” for you, which you will definitely not miss, how and when you got to their record for the very first time and if you have the opportunity to meet them and tell them something or ask them something, what it would be?
Oh yeah, that was a real great gig! There are always several bands we would like to see, but in lack of time we will not be able to see all of them. I’m looking forward to see Convulse, it’s been a pleasure to support those guys in Hamburg with Morbitory. In the early nineties I bought the „World Without God“ LP at my usual record store „LP“ (R.I.P.) from my pocket money. There were always difficult choices to make, as you could’t afford a lot… Another band I definitely want to see is Brutality. Back in the days I got the „In Mourning“ Album from a friend together with Morbid Angels „Abominations“ Pic LP in exchange for a bottle of Jack, I had the other albums on tape at that time. It’s amazing to have the opprtunity to support bands, after being accompanied by their records for such a long time, I enjoy that a lot.

Mindful fans can associate Michael’s (guitarist) and your face with the band MORBITORY with who you performed in the Czech Republic last year, but with DAWN OF OBLITERATION it will be a premiere for you in the Czech Republic. No doubts that we can expect a genuine return to the roots of death metal, there is no need to discuss it, but tell me something about moods in backstage before the concert, are you are still nervous – who from the band suffer the most by „stage fright“? Do you have any rituals, or rules before gig or everything is just relaxed?
Thank you! Yes, it is the first time, we play in Czech Republic, and we all are already looking forward to it. Actually we don’t have any rituals or such things. We all have been playing in several bands for years, so there’s enough experience. Surely everyone has his own way to prepare, while one cares more about fitness, the other takes it easy death/punk style.I can’t tell you exciting things, like we are running around in circles, naked, drinking spirits and giving us high fives or anything like that Ha Ha. I personally like it to have some beer, talk with people an do some warm up.

Many people make different resolutions for the New Year, do you have any for 2020 as a band? On example  – “release a full album until July” … then make a release party just at SYMBOLIC?
Yes, for sure. Our EP „Ruins“ has only been released as a download until now. This will change in 2020, there will be a release on tape and vinyl and later on on cd aswell. You can follow us on facebook to keep up to date about this. I’m also looking forward for some cool upcoming shows for promotion, one of them will be at Masters of the Unicorn, a nice Festival. Well, and we will see, maybe one of the releases will appear to be right in time for Symbolic, that would be perverted awesome! Keep up to date! And there should be more to come for Dawn of Obliterations 10th anniversary in 2021.

Is the Czech Republic absolutely specific to you compared to other countries / scenes? And what about your Czech vocabulary? Are you able to put together at least a few words or sentences?
For sure Czech Repuplic is a special place, every country has it’s own flair and manners. I’ve always had a good time on our trips there and keep a lot of pleasant and amusing memories. There always are new things and small differences to what you are used, when you go to other places, but the good thing about Death Metal is, that you get on with each other at once, everybody wants the same, a good athmosphere, no stress, have some good beer and good music.

Dasa, diky za to interview! We are all looking forward to sharing the stage with all the cool bands on Symbolic!


Thanks a lot for the interview Myers and I look forward to seeing you at Symbolic Open Air 2020!!!

 Dáša “ Duzl”

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