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Scott Reigel: Our fans are what make the Brutality engine run without them Brutality simply wouldn’t exist.


It is hard to write an editorial about something what means a piece of life for you. About something what guides, influences and inspires me for more than a quarter of a century. Idol? Legend? No doubt – definitely all in one. I am not sure, if there is another living metal legend (for me) that I would like to see so much on our stage. It sounds strange when you realize that you have achieved your goal in fulfilling your dreams.

What will be next? SYMBOLIC is the way to satisfy my selfish desires. And I secretly hope that also the desires of my team, partners and yours – our fans. We have been first who bring bands such as XENTRIX, CANCER, MORTA SKULD or GOD MACABRE to the Czech Republic. These bands never played here before and the same it will be with CONVULSE, WOMBBATH, ELECTROCUTION or BRUTALITY, who are coming this year and I still can’t believe it should happen.

BRUTALITY. When I say their name in connection with our festival I almost do not breathe, because this connection seems to be very fragile. Our „courtship“ did not work out for second edition, but now the dream becomes reality. I am extremely happy that I can ask BRUTALITY, who is another performer at Symbolic Open  Air our classic „5 questions for headliner“.

Novelty number one is the extension of your line-up with a second guitarist. I am very happy for myself – BRUTALITY music has always been based on two guitars. Although you will cost us more for tickets (laughs), on the other hand I saw on YouTube record from last year’s MARYLAND DEATH fest and you finally sound completely. Please introduce your current BRUTALITY line-up to your fans.
Our current line up is Scott Reigel – vocals, Jeff Acres – Bass/vocals, Jay Fernandez – lead guitar, Ronnie Parmer – drums, Jarrett Pritchard – guitar and is also engineering the new album at his studio New Constellation In Orlando FL.

Scott, you came to the band in 1992 and your voice first appeared on the single “Sadistic”. Since then, the color of your voice has been a characteristic element of your creation. Apart from a few guest appearances in recent years, you haven’t sung anywhere else. Did you miss being on the stage while BRUTALITY „hibernate“? Who gave impetus to resume band activity? You broke up already three times. For me personally, the most painful thing was your end after the excellent third full-length album “In Mourning”. You could record so many unforgettable materials in the line-up and condition you had in 1996.
In 1996 we were going through personal changes. Death metal was also changing so we decided to take a break. Jeff and I didn’t realize that it would be so long before we actually started being serious about recording new music. In 2010 we started talking to fans on the web pages and then decided to try to get the Screams Lineup back together. We then wrote the ruins of humans EP then started working on new music. Unfortunately some members didn’t want to work together anymore so we kept writing and got a drummer to record sea of ignorance that we released in 2016 On our label ceremonial records.

The strange thing is that despite the fact how big legend of genre you are, you have not appeared in Europe for 25 years. Last time when it happened you had been part of “No Guts, No Glory” Tour with BOLT THROWER and CEMETARY in 1995. This tour didn’t even hit our country. Have you ever heard of the Czech Republic? Have you ever noticed a band from Czech? Has there been any contact with a Czech fan? Do you have any idea how big a legend you are here? Why such a long gap between your European visits?
We’ve always wanted to return to Europe but with our families and careers we just didn’t think it was good for us in the past. To be honest we really have no clue how big we are anywhere we just know we have great fans worldwide like yourself.

It’s hard to choose the best material from your discography. But for me personally, the most valuable of DEATH METAL history is your debut album, “Screams of Anquish”. I know how musicians have it – I know that you must be tired of listening to the hymns to your early records, especially when you are still recording releasing new ones. Still, I have to ask what we can look forward to? On the cross-section of your long-term career or are you preparing something special for us?
Well we are currently writing a new album that we hope to release before we come to symbolic in July. I’m sure we will be playing a few off of it along with our classics off our other albums.

You have experienced all the best what DEATH METAL has offered in its complete era. Recording in MORRISOUND, releasing records under the label NUCLEAR BLAST. Life in the womb of death metal – Tampa, Florida. You have experienced a golden era, meeting the most famous musicians of this genre. Are you even aware of what life has offered you? Could there be anything that a Death Metal musician who has achieved this might desire? Thank you for the interview and I look forward to see you at SYMBOLIC this summer.
I’d say were just lucky we lived here and had been part of this scene since 1986. Our fans are what make the brutality engine run without them Brutality simply wouldn’t exist. Thanks for this interview and hope to see all of our Czech fans in July.


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