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The line-up for SYMBOLIC 2020 is… closed!


Yes, “we have it under the roof”,… in terms of line-up for year 2020, we can say, “we have fulfilled”. There was quite a thorny path to this statement.

Since the announcement of American BRUTALITY we have known that we want to fill one more position, one field in the chart… before which is written large „number two “.

Complete list of confirmed bands is on web!

Look at page Confirmed bands!

I had the same requirement for this position, as for the (I can say), first ten (but maybe by a few of my famous hairs bigger). It had to be the legends of the genre, something that really does NOT play here often and therefore it can not be seen in our basins every week,… something that evokes deserved and undisguised respect.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor to introduce you the second headliner for the next SYMBOLIC year. The “number two” in our roster is the legendary Danish Thrash Metal band ARTILLERY that has been on the scene for an unbelievable span of 37 years. It sounds incredible, but it is. The origin of this band is dated to 1982!!!

Another fulfillment of dreams, another part of the work we want (and I believe we will) to be proud till the death. The aim of our efforts is reflected in the effort to prepare an extraordinary festival for you. A festival that does not offer hundreds of times seen or heard. Looking at the next year’s visuals, I know that we have not moved back even one inch.

Thank you for your responses and the support you show us. We appreciate it and believe me, we will do our best not to let you down. We have a new area, we have a complete line up, we have original tickets for you in our e-shop. Christmas are front of the door, so if you are thinking about an original gift, order everything in advance and you will have a peace before the holidays (and me too and will not must run to the post a week before Christmas Eve).

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Thanks for your attentions…


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