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We wanted to give you something EXTRA …so you’ll get something EXTRA from us!

Vstupenky Symbolic 2020

Let’s not deny it – „fetish“ is a wonderful thing. You can shrug or you can silently disagree, but the love of fetish has inspired us to design even something as tiny as the festival tickets in a way that will please you (if only for a brief moment).

We hereby announce the start of tickets pre-sale for the SYMBOLIC 2020. We do not have a limited edition of the first 100 tickets, and we don’t do timed pre-sale waves – we simply have tickets that you can buy in advance (up until 14 days before the festival), and those that you can buy at the place (but in that case, you’ll only get a wristband, not the physical ticket, so no „fetish“ for you).

Admission prices has already been announced, but for completeness:

  • Until 14th June you can get tickets for the whole festival (4 days ) for € 38
  • Price on door for the whole  festival (4 days) will be € 44
  • Tickets ONLY for Saturday can be purchased for € 32

Today begins the „peel-off“ era:

We know that we could have produced classic, ordinary tickets (after all, it is just a little token that gets you through the gates of the festival), but we said “why not do it differently?” … maybe better, maybe visually nicer , maybe … more original. Either way, We are happy about the result.

Anyone who orders a ticket through our e-shop by 14th June will receive a “peel-off ticket”. Whether you come to the entrance with a peeled ticket or the whole card is up to you (of course, after tearing off the counterfoil you will keep your ticket). However, if you do not want a physical ticket, there is also a voucher which we will send you by email. You’d print it out and present it with your ID at the entrance (this e-ticket is exempt from postage, so you technically save money with this option).

That‘s all about pre-sale … but we are preparing more than enough for you … and believe me, „fetishists“ will be … excited.

Stay tuned,…some another news will published next Friday.


Tickets on e-shop


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