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We have new premises – we have the desired place of our „SYMBOLIC“ repose

Symbolic 2020 Topolná

… and I would like to start by saying “not just any place”. The planned change of the premises (which was inevitable) eventually almost broke our neck. Our requirements for the new premises were not small at all. Perhaps I should rather use the phrase: ” we wanted something even better than what we had in „ Tři Dvory“ and it almost became fatal to us.

In short – in recent months we have seen dozens of diferent premises and talked to perhaps hundreds of owners, landlords, managers … believe me, as time has passed, we have started to lose faith. The end of the year is approaching and it was clear to us that if we do not get anything by the end of November, we will have to start pack our stuff.

But … we don’t like to lose.

With incredible relief and joy in my heart, I would like to announce to you: WE HAVE PERMISES and really … not just any area. SYMBOLIC OPEN AIR 2020 will anchor in the village of Topolná near Uherské Hradiště. YES, in Moravia. We want to return metal to places where was missing for a long time. Part of my family comes from Kroměříž ( and Petřín‘s family from Olomouc) so this region is more than close to us. Above all, the „genius loci“ of the place called “Bůrovce” surpasses in all directions the area in Tři Dvory near Kolín. YES, it sounds incredible, but it is true. From the first moment we visited this area I knew that I want to have SYMBOLIC THERE !!!!! We waited for the confirmation from councillors of the village for more than 2 months. And last night at their meeting (where we have also been present), the decision was finally confirmed by a (close) vote.

We have an incredible pleasure that we want to share with you. At last, we will have normal showers, normal toilets ( but Toi-Toi lovers don‘t have to despair, those portable ones will be in the permises as well), our own kitchen, dining room, bars, wine cellars, two tent towns right in the area (and therefore guarded), natural swimming area within 200m distance and most importantly a SECOND ROOFED STAGE. We really didn‘t want anything for our next year, that wouldn’t fully conform to our vision to make something special out of  SYMBOLIC.

To give you an idea, we are adding some photos and believe me, in reality everything is even more amazing.

So we can start the presale – which we will do on 15th of November, so that we have enough time to process everything and to be sure that maybe some of you ( and we really hope so) will find the same joy that we are currently feeling, under the Christmas tree.

The price will be more than pleasant again: 890, – (38 EUR) in advance, 1050, – (44 EUR) on the door.

Thank you for your attention and … “cheers”, because now is time to celebrate.


BTW: …I NEVER accepted that the dream of seeing BRUTALITY, DEMONICAL, WOMBBATH, CONVULSE or HECATE ENTHRONED (… and the future of SYMBOLIC in general) could just vanish overnight.