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Symbolic z pódia Benediction

Looks like the summer pulled the snuffy snorkel and began waving to all directions ( free translation: „ adieu groundsheet, adieu tent and gnats, adieu festivals“). It was really busy time this year. Actually, there haven’t been a weekend since May, when I wouldn’t meet any of you at some event. ORTHODOX, MAZEC, CZECH DEATH FEST, OBSCENE, VOPICE, HELLS, SYMBOLIC, HUSMAN, BRUTAL, METALLICA, BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC, PUNK PIKNIK or INFERNAL. if I were married, I was regularly deprived of the right to live in partnership. It was difficult, but meaningful.

The shoe called “the festival area venue” still pressing us. We do not hide this fact and we regularly (at the time allowed by our work duties) stroll around the beauties of our country in order to find a background where we could anchor with SYMBOLIC for the next few years. But it is harder than we thought at the beginning and believe me, we are not a dreamers. We have been looking for the area for over a year. The uncertainty of renting the Tři Dvory area is daunting for us. It is difficult to work knowing that our current contract could be terminated at any time (basically as soon as someone buys the venue). Thank you for all your tips, which you send, thank you that the fate of SYMBOLIC is not indifferent to you.

Many festivals have already started pre-sales for 2020, many of them announced the first names which should attract their fans. We also announced our main headliners for the next year and we will continue with more of them soon. The next year will surely happen, even if it should be only at a “temporary” place. Somewhere where it can be until we find some place which will amaze us and where we would like to stay alongside with you.

However, we will only start the pre-sales when we will have the area 100% confirmed. We are not a festival that wants to swim on the water of uncertainty. Because we appreciate you, our fans, too much.

You may ask, “what is thisupdate for?” I will answer: I just want you to know that we still keep going, we have new band names for you and I firmly believe that in the near future there will be news about the area as well. We just don’t give up. SYMBOLIC 2020 will happen at some place, even if we’d need to give up on some of our requirements for that.

Thanks for watching and hopefully soon with good news!


Symbolic 2020