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3x and probably enough + 1000x Thank you!

Back to the Symbolic

SYMBOLIC is over… it’s hard to find the right words to describe what we have experienced in the past days at the natural swimming lake Tři Dvory near Kolín. Even for me it is hard to express the emotions that we are now full to the brim.

THANK YOU, my friends !!!!! Thank you for being the visitors that every promoter can be proud of. Thank you for the atmosphere which you managed to conjure up and thus enhance the feeling of these magical four days. You has been amazing, considerate and indulgent…

SYMBOLIC is over and there is a question “what to do next”. The original idea was just a one-off birthday party. Then we decided to continue due to your interest and organized the second and third edition. We even announced the fourth one, because we wanted to fulfill our dreams and BRUTALITY is a very tempting dream. But not only BRUTALITY, CONVULSE or WOMBBATH are for us that “driving engine” for further work,…. first of all it is YOU!!! Your reactions and looks are still reflected in my eyes.

We have known for a long time that we will have to leave the areal Tři Dvory. The area is splendid, but limits and the uncertainty of renting this areal forced us to make a decision to “go on”. So we would like to ask you one more thing – if you know any space in your area, WHERE would be possible to organize the next edition of SYMBOLIC, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been traveling for a year, have seen many places, but we would like to consider all possibilities and first of all to involve YOU in the search. To be honest it is very tricky to find a similar space like the natural lake Tři Dvory. We know the place just because we grown up there. I want to believe that there are many as beautiful and hidden places in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much for thinking about it and letting us know. If you want to contact me, I am adding my email address:

SYMBOLIC is over and with its end must logically come another thank you.Thanks to our CREW. You have been FANTASTIC!!! Thank you …and we hope you want to become a part of this strange circus next year.

Finally we would like to say goodbye to Tři Dvory with dignity. Come and say goodbye with us from 23th till 24th August 2019 to our event called „BACK TO THE SYMBOLIC“. It might be the last chance to build the tents next to this lake right on the beach. Let the soul soak up the magic smell of the metal togetherness. See you all…