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Some information before the start of SYMBOLIC 2019 + bonus aka an untraditional “competition”

Koupaliště Tři Dvory

We’re just a few days away from the start of the 3rd year of SYMBOLIC festival and so it’s high time we let you know what “we’re up to”.

  • FOOD: again (just like last year) you can expect the ‘classic’ food (that is sausages, chicken) as well as fresh vegetarian, vegan and exotic food. NO oven-ready freezer meals – certainly don’t expect that from us. Every day we’ll serve you fresh meals that will be prepared right before your eyes. This year we also decided to open řízkárna (that is schnitzel place) where you’ll be served two types of schnitzels with summer salad as a side dish. Every morning you can also look forward to chlebíčky (typical Czech mayonnaise based sandwiches) + something for your sweet tooth.  
  • BEVERAGES: Just like last year we decided to go for HOLBA. This year there will be four ‘pumping stations’ and you can ask for HOLBA 11°, HOLBA 10°, Holba dark 10°, fruit low-alcoholic beer and of course something exceptional as well (don’t worry we have our own SYMBOLIC special brewed). On top of that there will be an extra stall with coffee/tea/spirits and something small to eat as well. Simply, we want as little lines as possible.
  • SERVICES/AREA: Yet again, there will be showers, there will be wash-basins, again we’ll charge your phones and notebooks for free… and newly there will also be a night-safe. You’ll get more information at the festival from our staff. Don’t be shy to ask so that you prevent discomfort from lack of knowledge.
    The area is not very different from last year. Everything will be where it was. And for your comfort you’ll get a map of the area at the entrance gate, so it will take you no more than a few seconds to find your bearings.
  • CAMPING: Our luxurious camping area awaits your tents and newly there will also be two more areas for your caravans, recreational vehicles etc. Please, follow the directions of the staff when parking.
  • BANDS: The programme can be found on our website and on our FB. You will also get it on paper at the entrance gate so there’s no need to print stuff at home.
  • MERCH: We limited the number of distributors, yet we’ve chosen those who offer a wide range of goods. So, in the area you will be able to buy anything from us that is SYMBOLIC/SECTESY, also from NICE TO EAT YOU records, IMMORTAL SOULS records, METAL AGE records, DEFORMATING productions (PL) and BIZZARRE LEPROUS productions.
  • COMPETITION: We decided this year there won’t be an average competition for tickets (such as in a special episode of HARD & HEAVY on Radio BEAT) but to make it a little bit different. Therefore the 666th visitor who walks through the entrance gate will get 2 tickets for this year’s SYMBOLIC (or, in case he’s already got the tickets in the pre-sales) or for next year’s SYMBOLIC for FREE!!!!!!

Thanks for your attention and I’m looking forward to y’all!


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