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INTERMENT: Post-Easter nail to the sinewy body of the Christian leader of Nazareth…


Although it may not seem that way, looking at the calendar one easily realizes that there are less than 3 months left till the 3rd year of SYMBOLIC fest. Those 9 months since the moment in Dvory we headbanged to CANCER for the last time have passed as fast as my pay a few days after the payday. In a few weeks time we’re about to start and the time has come to bring you another mini-interview with another one of this year’s headliners.

This time we chose INTERMENT. If we wanted to talk the way ‚old-schoolers‘ do, this band used to be a varnish on their desks… wax on their floor and paint on their blackboard and no wonder – these guys have been active for more than 30 years, add two more years if you count their predecessor, the band BEYOND.

Ladies and gentlemen… appealing sounds come from this coffin with mysterious content.  

If I remember correctly, you only played once in the Czech Republic and that was in 2011. It’s been 8 years but my memories still have clear lines. Your show was breathtaking – do you still remember your visit in the Czech Republic? How is it possible that you haven’t played here since and at SYMBOLIC it will be only the 2nd time Czech fans can enjoy your music live?
Yes, you’re right that last time we played in Czech was at the Obscene Extreme festival 2011, but we actually played at Kawarna in Slawonice in December 2010 on the tour with Urn and Diabolical. I don’t know why we haven’t played in Czech more since then because I really love Czech Republic in every ways! So it will be great to be back in July for Symbolic Open Air!

Let me follow up the 1st question. It’s strange that you’re about to appear for only the 2nd time considering that you’ve got a solid environment here. After all, you have released your split LP/CD under Czech label, what’s more, with a Czech band…
Yes, I agree totally but I think we had some plans to do some gigs with Brutally Deceased after the split album but the period didn’t work out or something. Also Filip from Fekal Party tried to book some gigs for us like 3 years ago but it didn’t work out sadly..

Interment logo

It is at least peculiar that in terms of albums INTERMENT made their debut after 20 years of existence … yes, there was an 8-year pause. Nevertheless, you have 3 demo records (later released on CD by NECROHARMONIC). Why didn‘t it come to a full album release back then? Was there no suitable company? After all, for ‘Infestering Flesh’ from your 1st demo you made a good music video.
Well, at that time, in the beginning of the 90’s it was really hard to get a record deal because there were not so many labels and too many bands that searched for a deal. We tried of course but we didn’t get so much response unfortunately. Well, the video we did for Infestering Flesh was a local project with other bands as Uncanny, Uncurbed and Entrails (Avesta) with a guy that worked with TV and media. So we almost did it by ourselves haha..

What was going on with you those past 8 years when you weren’t particularly active, that is between 1994 and 2002? I know was a bunch of other bands and hosting, yet, did you believe in reunion and resumption of the band?
As you said we had other bands all the time, so we were busy anyway. But after a while I missed to play with Interment and it was a shame if we didn’t started to play again. So we began with some new stuff 2002 but it took four more years until we recorded the songs for the split album with Funebrarum 2006. First show since 1992 was on the release party for Daniel Ekeroths book Swedish Death Metal that took place in Stockholm February 2007 with Nirvana 2002 and Grotesque. And since then we have kept going…

A classic question at the end: Your live sets offer a lot to choose from, what can SYMBOLIC fans look forward to? Do you plan to play any new songs as well? And are you looking forward to Czech beer?
Well, we always try to play songs from all our releases so you shouldn’t be dissapointed. We have like five new songs but not completed with lyrics yet, so no new songs in the set, sorry! Of course we’re looking forward to drink the best beer in the world, seriously!! Cheers!
Answered: Johan


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