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American legend MORTA SKULD exclusively at the Summer SYMBOLIC fest 2019!

Morta Skuld

It almost sounds unbelievable but the four from Milwaukee /USA/ (that’s been playing together for incredible 29 years) has never in its existence visited Europe. In the following short interview, in which we’d like to present to you the SYMBOLIC fest headliners, you can read why.

You may have noticed that we had unveiled this band even before the beginning of the 2nd SYMBOLIC festival. We kind of risked it, we were hoping that by the 2nd year we would get a label of a festival whose top priority, as you know, is to bring you bands that you’ve possibly never seen live before, what is more, in top packaging. That means MORTA SKULD is coming from States for ONE AND ONLY concert – to our SYMBOLIC festival. They won’t play ANYWHERE ELSE that weekend, that’s why it’s your task to give them a warm welcome. There will of course be a space for autographing (that should be a matter of course also in case of BENEDICTION, DEMILICH, INTERMENT and GOD MACABRE). Hope you’re as happy as we are because of this success as it strengthens the position of the festival on scene. 

But for now please enjoy the promised interview with guitarist and singer Dave Gregor.

After 29 years of existence you’re about to play in Europe for the very first time. What do you expect from local fans? Have you got any references from other bands as to what to prepare for?
We are hoping the fans of Czech Republic enjoy what we do and hope they have a great time, we are a live band and we intend to play a killer show.

Do you sense that in Europe you have a status of a ‚cult’band? Are you aware of how well your CDs have sold in Europe?
Not sure I would say Cult status, but the band was very well known throughout Europe and surrounding countries. And yes, I do track sales and Germany is one country that stands out for us in sales of CDs. Our first album has been repressed many times as well as the other two reissues so it’s a great feeling that the fans have stuck with us for so many years.

Let’s be honest… You’ve been active since 1990, you have recorded 5 full-fledged albums – please explain to me HOW is it possible that you have never played in Europe before? Your recordings were released under DEAF, later PEACEVILLE or SYSTEM SHOCK, that is English and German company. I don’t think you’re unknown to local fans.
We have recorded 6 full lengths and we had offers back in the day but at the time certain members didn’t want to travel which hurt us in that respect. We are hoping that the fans are into what we have to offer and intend on making new fans as well. 

What was going on with you those 20 years from 1997 to 2017 when you had a creative break?
The band broke up in 1998 and from then til 2011 I was involved in a more commercial radio type band that went on to do two albums and a tour.

What can SYMBOLIC fans expect from you at the festival? Are you planning to play a selection of songs from all your albums? And honestly, have you ever heard of the Czech Republic?
The fans can expect a high energy show with plenty of the classic songs they love off “Dying remains” as well as “surface” and “wounds deeper then time”. I have heard Prague is amazing and that the country has great rich history which we look forward to seeing.


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