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HELP US spread the word about SYMBOLIC!

Symbolic v Evropě

Hey guys, we’re looking for volunteers willing to help us spread the word about SYMBOLIC in their hometown/city/village…

Symbolic posters 2019Have you got a chance to hang/stick/pin up our posters? Do you visit concerts, own a pub? Are you a member of an ornithological club, karate group or are you in charge of a local notice board? Are your friends with doctors, do you practise in a public rehearsal space, is your daddy a butcher, or do you know about a wall/shop window/space where we could hang our poster for a while?

PLEASE, write to me on my e-mail address and I’ll send you as many posters as you’ll ask. HELP US spread the word about SYMBOLIC, get it to those who might be interested. HELP US create a festival we could all be proud of.

“Write us to for posters!”

Thank you for your time


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