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News on this year’s SYMBOLIC area

Tři Dvory

If you’re following us on Facebook (or follow our site you can’t have missed the little hints of the changing nature of the area, since winter we have been trying to adapt it to your needs.

We simply want you to feel a bit better “at our place” than last year.

Thanks to this we have expanded the Tři Dvory natural lake area a little.

Firstly, there is a brand new tent city prepared for you right behind the area. It is a beautiful flat meadow where you’ll sleep like a log.

Symbolic meadow

Secondly, there will be shower stalls. You’ll find these on the way to the tent city. They’ll be open daily from 8am to 10pm. Right next to them there’ll be a washbasin for your daily hygiene routine.

Thirdly, there will be another carpark. I think there’ll be enough parking space for everyone.

Crucial changes concern even the stage. For the first time the bands will play on a stage of 12×10 metres situated right on the beach. For you it means that you can swim and dive while watching the bands play.

In the photo you can see the space for the stage (on the right) and the whole auditorium / beach.

Symbolic beach

Just like last year there will be a token system. With tokens you can buy foods & drinks and also have a shower. In merch stands (there will be enough of those as well) it is paid with cash. Moreover, in our merch stand there will be a chance to charge your phone for free.

At least three beer stands are planned so that you don’t have to wait in queues.

Also, for your own safety there will be an emergency tent nearby the tent city. Don’t be shy to contact our beautiful nurses anytime.

Hope you’re as excited as we are.

Map of Symbolic 2018
Orientation map of the area


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