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XENTRIX: People take metal very seriously in Czechia


I’m trying to remember the last time I read an interview with the legendary British band XENTRIX in a printed or on-line Czech magazine.

And… I can’t remember, just can’t. And so we said to ourselves: ‚Let’s ask the guys a few things that we’re particularly curious about, or just find them interesting‘. Nothing big, just a few questions that might even answer some of your questions.

Here we’d like to present to you the result. Hopefully, the lines will keep you busy for a while (before the gates of the festival open).


What are your expectations of the very first performance in Czechia?
We’re really looking forward to our first time playing in Czechia. Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to play in quite a few places that we didn’t get to play back in the day and they’ve all been killer, so our expectations for this festival are high!

How is it possible that you haven’t performed in Czechia yet?
We got to play in France, Belgium, Germany and Holland but there were quite a few countries that we didn’t get to play. Since the dawn of the internet and cheap air travel it’s become financially viable for a band such as ourselves to finally get to play the places we never got to play back then.

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Have you got any references about Czech fans from your friends from other bands? Do you know any Czech bands, or have you already been in contact with some Czech promoter?
Quite a few bands have told us how awesome it is to play in CZ! The fans are crazy and really know how to have a good time at the shows. People take metal very seriously in Czechia. And the beer is first class!

Xentrix - logoIs there anything you have prepared and fans can look forward to on SYMBOLIC? Will you also play something from your early work?
Our set is mainly from our first two albums “Shattered Existence” and “For whose advantage?” But we will be playing a couple of new tunes from our forthcoming album.

What do you plan to visit in CZ? Have you ever been to Prague, Kutná Hora or have you seen any other interesting places in CZ / EU?
I’m not sure if we’ll have much time to visit any other places apart from the festival while we are in CZ, it would be great if we could. Prague is a very historic and interesting city, oh and did I mention the beer?

Kristian Havard

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