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Symbolic LINE-UP 2018

There are just two months left till the gates of our festival open. Yes, on Saturday 30th June we open the grounds in Tři Dvory for the first fans who are willing to join our WARM UP party thrown in the name of free Summer atmosphere. Just like last year, us, SECTESY, are playing together with ROXOR and BLUE BUCKS moreover, this year we invited a special ‘fun ensemble’ from Brno called YBCA. Last year, more than 300 of you showed up and we strongly believe that even this year you ‘man up’ and create an atmosphere that’s gonna spread around the place and stay till the 8th July.

The next days we won’t fool around either. On Sunday, 1st July we’re planning to organise the Children’s day with plenty of contests, interesting prizes and lemonade for free. Both, young and old will enjoy a rich programme. There will be music, there will be performance, and there will be sausages … simply put, we wanna do something for the little ones, and not just those who come from ‘metal families’.

Monday and Tuesday, 2nd and 3rd July we’d love to welcome everyone who’s willing to put himself in the mood for the festival. We’re open for 24 hours, which means a NON STOP pub and kitchen. If you feel like grabbing a guitar to just play and jam and enjoy the summer night, you’re VERY welcome.

SYMBOLIC as such starts on Wednesday, 4th July at 6 pm. You’re very welcome to arrive in the morning to occupy the top space in the camp. ‘The sooner, the better’ rule works for the parking lot as well – there’s enough space for all the cars, however, not all of them are in the shade.

We’re getting to the core of the news, that is, the LINE UP. On our website we’ve just released a complete schedule of the festival. Every day we get numerous questions as ‘when is this and this band playing’, so the time has come for you to start planning. We’d like to emphasize that THU 5th and FRI 6th July are public holiday, therefore, you don’t have to rack your brains over ‘what am I gonna say at work to get a vacation’ (supposing public holiday counts at your workplace).

We also keep getting questions considering the one-day tickets – Honestly? Have you ever been to a four-day festival with foreign headliners for the price of our festival before? If you count the price and divide it among the bands it’s less than 10 crowns per band. That is OUR birthday present for YOU, our fans. So, just like last year we’re not planning on selling one-day tickets.

I hope you’re as excited as we are… See you in Tri Dvory.


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