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Turkish honey with sulphur flavour… That’s MORIBUND OBLIVION from Istanbul!

Moribund Oblivion - band

We won’t hide that one of our aims at SYMBOLIC is to give local fans a chance to hear the bands they wouldn‘t easily get to see live. It was one of the first things that we unanimously agreed upon with the board last year. And even this year we’d like to bring to you in our opinion attractive bands worth hearing and support.

Moribund Oblivion - logoOne of those who‘ll make the second year of SYMBOLIC special are the Turkish messengers of Death – MORIBUND OBLIVION. If you take pleasure in non-traditional BLACK METAL with a pinch of exotic spices, you can be sure that on Saturday night you’ll fall asleep with a blissful expression on your face that can only be induced by the combination of quality fuel and high-quality music.

HAIL Turkish honey!!!


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