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SYMBOLIC about to touch death metal history. Legendary CANCER confirmed!



HELL-o guys!!!

This is always the hardest part – the first few words of every piece of news that‘s supposed to announce to you “what’s going on around SYMBOLIC”. To paraphrase the “something” buzzing around in one’s mind and especially … deep inside …  within that tiny space responsible for the persistence with which every day we build up the pieces of the breath-taking mosaic leading to THOSE four summer days, is often much harder than it may seem.

“With SYMBOLIC we’re turning our dreams into reality” – we’ve repeated this very sentence (in a few variations) many times – HOWEVER – no matter how hard I try, I cannot write anything more TRUTHFUL.  SYMBOLIC was created from these dreams … and shall carry on for as long as we have them.

XENTRIX are a dream come true for us, ENTRAILS are a dream come true… so are REVEL IN FLESH and NECROVILE. It is a great honour for us to welcome these bands “in our backyard”. We’re also delighted to help promote new bands that seldom get to play at bigger local events. And I think I don’t have to stress how excited we are to welcome our friends from bands such as FORGOTTEN SILENCE, MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM, TORTHARRY, GUTALAX, BRATRSTVO LUNY, DISFIGURED CORPSE or PHANTASMA…

Cancer - logoIn a nutshell, we treat SYMBOLIC as an event whose significance we enhance by the fact that it can take place only and exclusively once a year. Well, and that’s why we decided to make one more dream of ours come true – yes, the dream that for more than 30 years calls itself CANCER!

Let’s face it; albums such as “Death Shall Rise”, “To the Gory End” or “The Sins of Mankind” are one of the pillars of death metal. Honestly, if CANCER weren’t top-class in the early 1990s they probably wouldn’t get JAMES MURPHY to join the band – one of the best death metal guitarists boosted the records of the legendary bands such as DEATH, OBITUARY, DISINCARNATE or TESTAMENT.

A year ago, if you told me that one day CANCER will headline SYMBOLIC, I’d laugh at you – yet today … I’m delighted to announce it.

Welcome to the world of the ‘90s death metal – welcome to the world we want to co-create and be part of…

Ladies and gentlemen, CANCER!!!



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