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SYMBOLIC Open Air 2018 gets dressed in progression by Forgotten Silence!

Forgotten Silence

I’m repeating this with the iron regularity…. and believe I will not give up!!

Forgotten Silence - logoThe sentence „We fulfill own dreams by SYMBOLIC“ will still sound many times. That’s the biggest truth and we can’t (we also don’t want to) propose you anything else that this truth by our „garden party close to Prague“ . The last year was in the sign of concert return of czech biggest prog-metal legends „FORGOTTEN SILENCE“.

Forgotten Silence - Thots
Album Thots

This band performed on SYMBOLIC as the only one gig of the year 2017. We are not saying that now it’s the same… but this will be fucking blast. In 2018 the FORGOTTEN SILENCE are going to visit us again. But we didn’t want to give you something you already saw so their show will be…. kind of special. The band will play the most basic from their most successful album „THOTS“.

It’s been confirmed that songs which never were played nowhere, will be played on SYMBOLIC 2018.

Are you looking forward as we are?


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