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From greek Olympus to SYMBOLIC Open Air 2018!

Womb of Maggots

New Year with a glance!! Yeah, we wanna take you with us to ride a toboggan full of edges and right, we all will enjoy it for sure! 🙂

Womb of MaggotsThe great portion of nihilism will be served by killers „WOMB OF MAGGOTS“. Yes, the country which has undelibly wrote in the history will be represented by the most competents. You would be hardly finding someone, who never saw ROTTING CHRIST or SEPTICFLESH…. but we don’t desire to bring you bands seen hundred times…. it’s not for us. We are looking to rich underground scene worldwide to choose bands which provide us the same quality (sometimes even superior than these more famous), but they are not getting the space they deserve.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the fresh metal blood….. death metal blood… WOMB OF MAGGOTS!

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