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Legendary Czech gothic rock band BRATRSTVO LUNY comfirmed on Symbolic 2018!

Bratrstvo luny


the end of year is already here, the winter is coming but we are here again with what we are still waiting for. Still, it is some weeks till we meet in Tři Dvory, but let’s publish some summer news.

Now, one really desired thing which we are urged to share with you!!!

All of you already know that we want to make SYMBOLIC as a place where different people will meet each other and the same we want with genres. You know, we don’t want to be conserved in one genre altought as majority will still stand the DEATH METAL which is closest to our hearts.

Bratrstvo Luny - logoBeside of death metal we all working on this fest have harmonized some names which we really want to see on OUR stage.

Impacted by desire we started to talk to BRATRSTVO LUNY and we knew it will be hard as the band had only 13 shows in their 11 years of existence. OF COURSE WE DEALT!!!

SYMBOLIC is about friendship and I’m connected by friendship to some guys from BRATRSTVO LUNY for many years.

The darknes will devour the line-up of Wednesday and YES! BRATRSTVO LUNY is becoming to be the 2nd headliner of Wednesday… and we are really proud of it!!


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