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Disfurged Corpse like the part od big Warm-Up party!



Of course you just know this very well, the second year of SYMBOLIC Open Air fest is planned for 4 days. Yes, and as Thursday 5.7.2017 and Friday 6.7.2017 there are national holidays in CZ, we decided to make the SYMBOLIC massively comprehensive.

DISFIGURED CORPSESo we keep the Wednesday as WARM-UP party with free entry – respectively for optional fee which will be guzzled by bands.

The festival will start on Wednesday at 6PM and we’ll go till Sunday 1AM. We are really focused to give you nice line-up so that we have dealt with DISFIGURED CORPSE from Ostrava, CZ. The band dances with a hardest form of metal since 1991!!! We love the allegiance and loyality and DISFIGURED CORPSE are the impersonation of that what we just appreciate the most…

Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome legends….. DISFIGURED CORPSE.


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