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NECROVILE will come to destroy the Symbolic Fest 2018!


we have promised juicy portion of BRUTAL DEATH GRIND. Initially we wanted to keep you waiting a bit, but based on plenty of questions from your side focused on DESPISE resurrection (which is not really planned) we go out with a next band.

NECROVILEthe romanian killers who released their last album here in Czech republic under Lacerated Enemy will arrive to SYMBOLIC with the only one exclusive show in Czech Republic.

necrovileIt was a long way of discussions because guys are really active and names of their other bands like DISAVOWED, PESTILENCE,… etc speaks at all, that we bring you, with NECROVILE, really nice enjoyment.

We want to make SYMBOLIC as „METAL OASIS“ with time for relax managed by bands we all love. You know, we are really proud of it.

On top of that we have covered next thing to satisfy your needs during the festival. We will have a place for you, where you can charge your mobile phones – for free with the highest quality of secure, so no possible losses nor misuses.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Ladies and gentlemen….. NECROVILE!!!!!


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