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First time in Czech Republic – XENTRIX the main headliner of SYMBOLIC!


It is our plessure to announce, that XENTRIX (uk) will perform in Czech Republic. Yes, we are very proud that this will happen just on SYMBOLIC Open Air Festival.

The band, mainly called as a follower of Metallica in time, when Metallica has turned off the thrash metal road, has never performed in Czech Republic so this is the first time. Even, one of albums they have released, the „KIN“ one is very close to Metallica and their movie „The Order of Chaos“ used to have very interesting sequences in MTV rotations!

So at this moment we officially start the pre-sale with a price of 580,- CZK (cca 25€). In this price you have 4 days of cca 60 really kick-ass metal bands.

With this growth, we need also to grow with backline for you, buddies. So you’ll not be missing anything you need during the long festival – new tent city, new showers, stage 12×10 directly on the beach, more distros, more food and the offcial festival beer HOLBA……and no waitings for it!!

Based on the fact that we really want you to have a comfort to enjoy everything, we decided to have a limited number of tickets! We release only 500 tickets for you!

So please take your one in advance, so that you do not loose the possibility to see XENTRIX (uk), ENTRAILS (swe), REVEL IN FLESH (de), MORIBUND OBLIVION (tr), GUTALAX (cz) and many many more.

Symbolic Fest 2018 poster

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