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Next headliner: ENTRAILS!


HELL-o there,
we decided to keep in immortal run after the excellent start of the race of SYMBOLIC Open Air and we just want to take you all with us for this infernal ride.

It is the right time to declassify next headliner. After the first presented one REVEL IN FLESH, we are really glad to present the next one. It is the death metal machine ENTRAILS from Sweden. The land, which gave the world names like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED or GRAVE. Links to these icons standing on a pedestal of legendary METAL BLADE records can be found in their music.

!!! ENTRAILS. Yes, the next headliner of SYMBOLIC Open Air 2018 is ENTRAILS !!!

Hope, you share our happiness of courtship, which we think met the success very well.

With ENTRAILS we come to reveal also other confirmed bands which will perform in Tři Dvory u Kolína from 4.7.2018 till 7.7.2018. Total amount of bands will finally reach the number of 60 !!!!!

We go very deeply in what we choose to serve to you. And what we truly can tell now is that we are in a period of discussions with at least one next headliner for SYMBOLIC Open Air 2018. So we hope, you will get the info as soon as possible and of course, in the right time.

All the things needed to feed all kind of curiosities are to be found on brand new website

And finally as the place of festival is not inflatable and we really want people to have a comfort while enjoying all these nice bands (…and many more) so the pre-order of tickets will be possible on TICKETSTREAM website in upcoming days. The link to pre-order tickets will be published on the SYMBOLIC website. The price of the pre-ordered tickets is CZK 580 (cca 22 €), which is for 4 days festival nice gift for you!
Hope we made you happy by these news and trust us, we are really not ending!!!

And here…. ENTRAILS: